21 Day EYG Challenge


One-time Payment

  • Video Inspiration
  • Audio Meditation
  • Daily Worksheet
  • Support Community

What do you get during the 21-Days?

  • Video Inspiration: Start your day with an inspiring 4-minute video with Lisa & Diane highlighting the day's intention and focus.

  • Audio Meditation: Next, listen as Diane guides you with her illuminating and comforting voice to access powerful ways to reclaim your light and embrace your greatness one moment and one action at a time.

  • Daily Worksheet: Then, gain powerful tools and exercises on your daily worksheet giving you space to journal your thoughts, track you progress and inspire you into action.

  • A powerful, supportive community: What makes this 21-day challenge even more powerful, fun, and inspiring is the supportive community. Both Lisa & Diane, along with a community of amazing souls will be doing this 21-day challenge right alongside you. You will have the opportunity each day to ask questions, share your breakthroughs and aha moments and feel connected to a community of inspiring souls embracing more of their greatness and owning more of their light each and every day.

Questions? Contact Diane at [email protected]

Ready to begin? Simply click here to sign up. Lisa & Diane can't wait to begin this transformational journey with you!