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  • DON’T GIVE YOUR INNER CRITIC THE WHEEL: You know that soundtrack in your mind that says, “I don’t feel like it, I can’t do this, what if I fail, I’m not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, courageous enough, influential enough, attractive enough,” and the list goes on and on, right?
  • This is simply the opinion of your “not-good-enough” self. In this groundbreaking book, Altomare shows you that your inner dialogue is just a part of your human experience—it is not who you are in totality.

Despite the ranting and raving, you no longer have to follow your inner critic’s urgings, allow it to take over, cause you to doubt yourself, or keep you from living out your biggest dreams.

In chapter five, Diane asks a powerful question that deserves great thought: 

  •  If my heart’s desires are aligned with my highest self, are arising from the depth of my soul, and are part of my life’s purpose, why wouldn’t I be able to create what I desire? 

The truth is not only can you create what you desire, but you should. By reconnecting to your “powerful, wise, you’ve-got-this, go-for-it” self, you will be on the path to creating a life that is peaceful, joyous, inspiring, and fulfilling. Take a transformational step today by diving into the wisdom within these pages.

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What People Are Saying:

Diane has always been someone who I could turn to to help me cope with the pressures of being on television everyday… from the constant criticism to those little voices in my head that told me I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, or funny enough. This groundbreaking book is a step-by-step guide to draw on her wisdom and embrace, once and for all, that you’re more than enough.

—Lisa Breckenridge, NBC Correspondent & TV Personality

More Than Enough is a powerful book that will train you to transform the mean, negative, limiting voices in your head into a loving, kind, supportive soundtrack that reminds you of how deserving and wonderful you really are. Commit to following the simple, healing exercises provided, and be amazed and delighted at how great your life will be when you learn to love all of yourself.

—Arielle Ford, Author of The Love Thief

More Than Enough is eloquently written and is a must read for individuals and couples alike. Diane invites readers on a transformative journey towards recognizing and embracing what it means to own your greatness and your worth. Through personal anecdotes, insightful exercises, and actionable strategies, you are given tools and skills to combat the negative inner dialogue we all experience. Leave it on your desk and read it often.

—Dr. Shailinder Sodhi, President of Ayush Herbs, Inc.

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